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RR Forums is run by a small group of Rolls-Royce enthusiasts on behalf of Rolls-Royce or Bentley organisations that require an online forum. We are totally self-funded and independent of any organisation and we provide our services simply because we see the need and we can provide for that need.

The internet is a wonderful yet dangerous place: it gives voice not only to the average man but also provides a stage for the megalomaniacal, self-obsessed and delusional types that in the past had no outlet for their manias. This latter type is proving to be a very real danger to the continued operation of online forums worldwide. They hijack threads, post nonsensical or obscene garbage, and have been known to use legal threats to prevent being barred, edited or criticised. These threats are usually directed to the sponsor organisation rather than the forum itself, which is invariably inappropriate.

RR Forums has been created to help circumvent the unpleasantness that these unwelcome users often generate. We run forums for the clubs but take no policy directions from them. Their liability for their forum is non-existent since they don't run it. (They do get to pick the colour scheme, though.) We own the rrforums.net server, the domain and we pay for the bandwidth and all related costs. Needless to say, the administrators and moderators work voluntarily for no tangible reward whatsoever.

When you visit our site it's as if you have been invited into our home, so we expect you to behave with the decorum and respect appropriate for such a situation. Like any homeowner we can ask you to leave at any time, for any reason. We can ask you to leave simply because we think you're a bad influence or even because we just don't like you. Like any visitor we expect you to respect that if it should come to such a pass.

Remember your eighth grade English teacher? The one with the wingtip eyeglasses, impossible hair and a voice that rivalled fingernails down a blackboard? We're inclined to agree with her that spelling, grammar and punctuation are essential to good communication, and will be requiring minimum standards in forum posts. The sort of gibberish seen on some forums of late will get short shrift here. Free speech? Sorry, we're fresh out, and we're not a BYO.

That's the kind of people we are. We take our responsibilities very seriously and don't take fools gladly. And we shall respond most unfavourably to being taken for any sort of ride by those who think they might be able to outsmart us.

We cannot stress too strongly that as with our home, this entire site is ours and we run it as we see fit - schoolteacher metaphor and all. Many may find our style draconian but we are prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure that the forums we host serve their purpose well. The vast majority of users will not even notice our presence, since it's only ever a small minority that causes trouble; they are the people who will learn that it's futile to persist. Abuse and/or legal threats will be ignored and those who resort to them will have their accounts immediately suspended. It's our site and we really don't care what anyone thinks about it or us. It's not really that important, anyway.

If you're not prepared to accept our philosophy and proven record of forum management (viz. rroc.org.au Online Forum) we don't want you here. Troublemakers will not be tolerated for long.

For everyone else, we say WELCOME to our home. Leave your shoes and weapons at the door, thanks. The bar's at the end of the hall.

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